Our Values

If you come to live at one of our homes then you will receive the best care in a caring and homely environment. Every resident has an experienced and professional Care Partner who is responsible for the healthcare and happiness of their residents. Each month the residents' wants and wishes are built into the Careplan and actions taken to make these a reality.

Families are encouraged to be involved in the care planning too, either at the monthly meeting or during specific relative's meetings.

A residents' happiness is a gauge for success. It means that they are not only receiving good healthcare but their social and emotional well-being is being taken care of too.

What Next?

Potential residents are required to have their needs thoroughly assessed before entering a care home; this is intended to provide potential residents with the best information on which to make an informed choice about their future.

If you are already in touch with Social Services or Social Work department, the initial assessment will be undertaken as part of the care management process, but we also need to assure ourselves and you that our care home is suitable for you, your health and social care needs.

All new residents are admitted on the basis of a four week trial period, in order to establish if the home will suit the residents' needs and preferences. If we feel that our homes are not suitable for your particular requirements then we will try to give you advice on how to look for help elsewhere.

Once you make the decision to come and live at The Millings or St John's House then we will work with you and your family to make sure you have a smooth transition into a comfortable room which has everything you need. Some residents have a television, others their own telephone. Some bring along small pieces of furniture.

You will have your own Care Partner who will plan your care with you and your family to make sure everything is in place to ensure you are happy and comfortable with us.

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Compassion, Joy, Respect & Openess