St Johns House - Facilities


While the home is set in beautiful grounds and offers the most advanced accommodation, St John’s House is also part of Kirk Hammerton’s very welcoming village community.Our residents are involved in many of the community  of which the staff and residents very often get involved with.

We develop a full programme of activities according to the wishes and interests of the residents. These range from exercise and craft classes through to day trips and evening and weekend outings. Thanks to our very active relationship with the village communities of Kirk Hammerton and neighbouring Green Hammerton, St John’s House has access to the local amenities including a general stores, post office and newsagents, public house, adult education classes, the Women's Institute and local churches. We use our wheelchair accessible vehicle for trips from the home both locally and further afield.

Andrea Wood, manager of the St John’s House says;

‘If it's going to be home it needs to feel like home which is why freedom and personal choice play a major part in life at St Johns House. Our regular residents meetings are lively and the feedback goes into making life at the home even better. Residents come and go as they please and our open door policy for family and friends means there is always a buzz around the home’.

Activities are often much closer to home though thanks to the ‘World’s Oldest Choir’ that the St John’s House residents have created. Always keen for a sing along, the choir that has been officiated by the Guinness World Book of Records as the world’s oldest choir often performs at local events and are always looking for some new talent to join the team.


Whilst it is fundamental that all residents receive the right nutrition, it is more important that they enjoy their meals. That’s why at St John’s House, we have a dedicated team of catering staff that get to know each and every resident to find out what they personally do and don’t like, meaning that there is always plenty of choice for everyone